It is your big day; your photographs should reflect it.

Thank you for considering Jeff Luke Photography for your big day! A wedding represents two people committing to one another in front of family and friends in an environment that represents them. As your photographers it is our job to capture the emotion of the day in a way that reflects the people that you are. Our style is photojournalistic; there is much more to your wedding day than posing with groups of family members and we want to capture all of these moments in order to tell a photographic story of your day.
There is a lot happening on your wedding day and we believe it takes two people to capture the photographs. In order to capture all of the beauty and emotion of the day I prefer to work with a second photographer. As my second photographer, my wife and partner in Jeff Luke Photography assists me to ensure that everything will be captured throughout the day, and it provides brides with added comfort in pre-ceremony coverage.

In order to capture high quality photographs that really impress, we use only pro-level photographic equipment and lighting gear. While the camera does not make the photographer, having the right gear does make your photographs stand out with quality and detail that cannot be accomplished with lesser equipment. The same applies to the processing and editing of your photographs; we employ safe backups of all files and use advanced editing techniques to complete your images.

Upon selecting Jeff Luke Photography as your photographers, we get to work right away. It is very important to scout the locations well in advance of the wedding day. The best way to ensure a smooth experience for the day is to get familiar with environment in which we will shoot and prepare for a unique photographic experience. We handle all arrangements with churches, parks, and reception halls as it pertains to our needs as photographers; this is something that an already busy bride and groom need not have to coordinate.  

Photography packages start at $2500.